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My husband 81,this broke his heart,hearing aids in his golf bag also. PICK UPS number when you get a phone center over seas and they can not connect you with someone here in the US?

Its sad that here in the US we have Vet that need jobs, homeless people on the streets, and disabled people that also need jobs that can answer a phone.

I still don’t have my package and it’s Friday 12/22/17. I called C/S which is NOT in the United States, but in another country. Going forward I will NOT do business with any company that ships the items that I order through UPS! It’s time for Americans to step up and use our buying power (money) to work/buy from companies that are truly American companies and have C/S here in America, so that we can understand them when they speak! The following week it was out for delivery on the truck every day but they never made it to my house.

From the Tracking system: Atlanta, GA, United States 12/19/2017 A. I have talked to person after person who assure me this is a priority but I still have not received the medication.

Tagged as: united parcel service corporate headquarters, united parcel service corporate office, united parcel service headquarters, ups corporate address, ups corporate headquarters, ups corporate office, ups corporate office email address, ups corporate office phone number, UPS customer complaint desk, UPS customer complaints, ups headquarters, ups main office I paid for 2 day delivery 6 days later i still do n9t have my package i have videoed the driver pulling up to my building getting out of the truck empty handed and place the info notice on the door and get back in the truck and pull off not even ringing the bell. Reply I had a package (important medication) that was to be delivered on 12/7.

When I asked the driver for his safety officers name and number he told me to call 800. (Remember without a customer you do not have a job or a business), What happened to the good old days when you actually talked to a living person?These veterans that stood up, were not asked to protect us, save our freedom, did their job without hesitation, and now have no support from the country they protected.They need jobs like this, we really need to take a hard look at this in all American based and founded companies here in America.However, I was standing there in the doorway attempting to catch the driver as he pulled away. There was no time for anyone to steal it from my porch. If this was my company, and the best that it could do, I would be lobbing off a lot of heads!Go ahead, collect those big old paychecks of yours while you keep failing the little guys that keep you in business.

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