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Heraldry began to grow into a science of heraldry with its own unique language and system of laws to regulate and record it accurately.With common names like Smith, there are many different designs of Arms for the same surname with each of these designs often represent a completely different locality and lineage.This will insure that the design of the coat of arms is in fact directly linked to their own particular family and not simply someone who is unrelated, but happens to share the same surname as their own; for details about how individual Coat of Arms or Crests are produced in wood or bronze; The word Herald is said to derive from the Anglo-Saxon word here meaning an army and wald meaning strength, although it is thought it originated from the German word Herold.Many heralds were originally minstrels who after tournaments or battles extolled the deeds of the victors.Heraldry originated within the military during the 12th to 13th Century Crusades.

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It is therefore important when following the rules of Heraldry, when anyone is attempting to have a coat of arms produced that is associated with their own particular surname and they can therefore prove direct descent in the male line from the original bearer of the arms.It emerged at a time during the mid-12 century when fighting men became unrecognisable inside their suits of armour to both friend and foe alike.It soon emerged that by decorating the shield with a design that was unique to that particular person it could also be seen from a distance.Coats of Arms often also vary according to the generations, as in most countries the original design of Coat of Arms were handed down from father to the oldest son.The succeeding son's Arms were can also be slightly modified to reflect his own individual achievement.

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