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Mc Carran (D-NV) was known as the “Sagebrush Caesar.” The Sagebrush Caesar hated Communists, and he suspected anybody Jewish was probably a Communist.

He also saw creeping Communism in attempts by federal conservation agencies to protect natural resources from private exploitation. “The threats to our form of government are more likely to come from unworthy agencies,” he said in 1939.

His supporters took to the downtown strip of tiny, windblown Burns, Oregon and also chanted “hands up, don’t shoot.” That right there, to use a phrase making the rounds right now, is some white appropriation.

The thirteen males and one woman ages twelve to 44 mourned by BLM to that point had been unarmed (with the exception of seventeen-year-old Chicagoan La Quan Mc Donald who reportedly had a three-inch knife, and was shot sixteen times).

Thirty percent of the West’s biggest cattle barons grazed public land in Nevada, and he wanted them to rule the range. In the Senate he appointed himself leader of the “Mc Carran Committee” to root them out.

During the war he formed an alliance with Wyoming Senator Frank Barrett, who advanced legislation to sell off tens of millions of acres of national forests and national grasslands as well as to destroy Grand Teton National Park. When he cursed them behind closed doors, anti-Semitic slurs dribbled from his lips. Many were hounded by the committee’s interrogations about potential Communist sympathies, and by extreme new probes regarding physical health and past associations, which Mc Carran forced Immigration and Naturalization Services to conduct.

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Decades before anyone was called a “Sagebrush Rebel,” Patrick A.Because long before the late 1970s when the movement was dubbed the “Sagebrush Rebellion,” its forbearers had already molded it out of anti-semitism, xenophobia and abject racism.* * * The Bundy family attacking the Bureau of Land Management is ironic, because the agency was created in 1946 to be weak and rancher-friendly – the “Bureau of Livestock and Mining,” environmentalist Edward Abbey sneered.Yet, at the beginning of 2016, there it came again.Two of Bundy’s sons led another militia on a caravan to the edge of the Great Basin Desert in Oregon and seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, set aside for trumpeter swans in 1908 by Roosevelt (also near the spot where in 1897 cattle rancher Peter French was murdered for taking over lands that a court ruled were public).

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