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He escaped a second time and fled to Tallahassee, Florida, staying at a rooming house near the Florida State University Campus.During the early morning hours of Sunday, January 15, 1978, Bundy entered the Chi Omega sorority house and brutally attacked four women residing there.Two months later, after a large scale search, the Leach girl's partially decomposed body was located in a wooded area near the Suwanee River.

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He was recaptured but escaped again, in December 1977, from the Garfield County Jail in Colorado.

Margaret Bowman's skull was crushed and literally laid open.

The attacker also bit Lisa Levy with sufficient intensity to be identified as human bite marks. Of critical importance was the testimony of two forensic dental experts who testified concerning analysis of the bite mark left on the body of Lisa Levy.

Bundy asked her to accompany him to the car to see if anything was missing.

Upon reaching the car the girl looked in and determined nothing was missing.

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