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What’s more, the effects of a competing condition – a known, evidence-based program for stress and worry – were no different than no treatment at all.

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Having seen the results of my program and similar studies around the globe, I am starting to have a little faith. Over the previous century, several national organizations in the United States lobbied fiercely to promulgate biomedical models of mental illness in the public eye.

Only through responsible scientific discovery can we understand the impact of spirituality on human psychology, and potentially increase the availability of spiritually-based treatments. is an Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Assistant in Psychology at Mc Lean Hospital (Belmont, MA).

I realize that there is a long path ahead, and that this area of study is still in its early stages. His program of research is focused on the relevance of spiritual and religious issues to mental health and treatment, with an emphasis in the Jewish community ( Rosmarin has also received extensive training in evidence-based treatment for anxiety, depression, bipolar and psychotic symptoms and he has a clinical practice in both Boston, MA, and New York City (

Of course, individuals on medication should not desist from their current treatment regimen and self-prescribe spiritually-based treatments in its stead.

This could be dangerous and must be done only under the careful guidance of a mental health professional.

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