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Perhaps Landry Cantrell can fill the void that Jonathan Thulin left.

Though I listen to metal on occasion, it's not my preferred genre.

I never got into Beyond Control, but The Beauty Between really caught my attention.

Everyone I tell this to assumes it's because of the different sound (which is rooted in hip-hop beats) but it's actually because I think this is more thought-provoking lyrically, more cohesive sonically, better produced, and has stronger melodies.

nobigdyl was formerly a manager for Derek Minor, but was "fired" after Minor heard his music so he could pursue a career as an artist.

This underrated rapper has great flow and his lyrics are super relatable with puns flying in every direction.

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The debut album from Death Therapy exemplifies this perfectly with it's industrial groove metal.

Throughout this past year I've found myself continually drawn to this album.

It's a catchy album with well placed guest features and lyrics are much deeper than initial listens suggest.

Savon et Cie natural, vegetable soaps are made in the South of France crafted by an age-old process using only the finest ingredients.

Free of parabens and animal fats, they are triple milled and enriched with moisturizing Shea Butter.

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