Do christians believe carbon dating

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So a child who lies about doing their homework, for example, would be deserving of eternal torment just for that alone, rather than the punishment being, say, merely to be lied to in return. So, even eye-for-eye retribution against Hitler would only allow us to ‘kill him back’ a finite number of times.

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Sometimes they haven’t landed upon the ‘right belief’ among the jungle of ideas around them.

But the eternal states of individuals are important, if they will exist for eternity as religious people believe.

Given this, the only number that makes sense – of humans suffering in Hell for all eternity while a loving, just God exists – is zero.

Moreover, when we see disproportional punishment within human societies, we instinctively and rightly consider it injustice. He brutally slaughtered millions, out of what seemed like pure evil. By tracing the concepts through history, it is easy to see that they have been misappropriated and conflated together to create what became the evangelical Christian doctrine of Hell, but that doesn’t give much confidence in the idea of it being true.

‘Eternal fire’, ‘Lake of fire’ and other terms are thrown around in metaphor in the New Testament, before (9) The idea that people are ‘choosing Hell’ is an abhorrent one Christians often say that people have a choice to make between accepting Jesus’ offer of salvation or rejecting it.

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