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His own career served to disprove this Reichian fallacy.His new age extremism may be discerned in his antipathy for Mahatma Gandhi, whom he placed on the level of Adolf Hitler in a relativistic scenario of torture.Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1931-90) started life as Chandra Mohan Jain, and gained the nickname of Rajneesh. Subsequently he became a professor of philosophy, and lectured for nearly a decade at Raipur and Jabalpur.He was born in Central India to Jain parents, but became a freethinker. In 1966, Jabalpur University insisted that he resign from his academic position after a controversial lecture tour; he was advocating an open acceptance of sexual activity against conventions.The confused Western reception of Rajneesh emphases can be sampled in such works as Encyclopaedia Britannica, which states: “Rajneesh became well known for his progressive approach to sexuality, which contrasted with the renunciation of sex advocated by many other Indian teachers.” This comment refers to the 1970s Poona (Pune) ashram established by Rajneesh, where “dynamic meditation” blended easily with alternative therapy of the Western “new age.” The Reichian appetite of Rajneesh encouraged pseudo-therapeutic approaches in the Esalen and related commercial directories.The Encyclopaedia Britannica rather misleadingly refers to this episode as "a diversified program of New Age healing.” In 1975, Rajneesh launched an extensive therapy programme at his new Poona ashram, and in collaboration with Western alternative therapists. The Western entrepreneurs (associated with the Human Potential Movement) wanted a situation where they were free to experiment with forms of lucrative therapy considered dangerous by medical authorities in the West.

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He stated that “Gandhi had the Jaina [ascetic] characteristic very much developed in him.” Hitler was equated with Islam. These idiosyncratic musings were included in a book on Zen published in 1980, part of the Rajneesh corpus which confused many thousands of readers (those books were not writings, but comprised edited discourses).

According to ex-devotee Christopher Calder, Rajneesh “had sex with hundreds of young women half his age,” meaning his meditation converts.

In 1971, Rajneesh assumed the elevated Hindu title of Bhagwan (Lord).

By the 1980s, these exercises included the “No Mind” meditation, which “involved ten minutes nightly in forcibly speaking gibberish while ‘going completely crazy’ before a 20-minute witnessing period” (Conway, Rajneesh biography).

Rajneesh was often mistakenly considered by Westerners to represent Hinduism.

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