Error updating primary drop

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The Working Group requests that any comments be made using the provided online comment form.If this is not possible, comments can also be sent to [email protected] section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. A list of current W3C publications and the latest revision of this technical report can be found in the W3C technical reports index at This is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 W3C Recommendation from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group.This problem happened to me when I used ssh to remotely import a 1.1gb SQL dump. Suerte The duplicate key entry happens when you reach the upper limit of the auto increment field I'm using a table that I update once a month, deleting all existing rows. Anyway, only dropping the existing tables and importing the 2hs old backup did the trick.. PS: Tried importing with PHPMy Admin through the ./upload folder and got errors all around. SSH timed out midway and upon trying to start importing the data where it left off, I was getting this error. Periodically, the Auto_increment primary key reaches its limit so I reset it. The portal 'nuked' the database with only "nuke_" tables. The Working Group does not plan to make formal responses to comments.

This enhances the functionality and interoperability of the Web.

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We proceeded to issue OPTIMIZE TABLE statements (this rebuilds indexes) as well as manually running REPAIR TABLE for each table, but nothing helped.

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This document was produced by a group operating under the 5 February 2004 W3C Patent Policy.

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