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Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: discuss the drivers and types of organizational change, describe the stages of change, recognize how change affects individuals, and apply strategies to thrive personally during the change process.Whether you are facilitating a class or just training a new employee, considering the needs of your learner is crucial to the success of both you, as the trainer, and the learner.We do, however, have a choice as to how we deal with change.This course will give you strategies to help you deal with, accept, and ultimately, thrive during the change process.

From there, you can locate the LEO Technical Requirements’ link on the right side of the page in the Help section: This course shows how to use the Photo Downloader Utility included with Photoshop.Trust may take some time and effort to earn, but it can be destroyed in an instant by careless or thoughtless actions.This course is designed to help the supervisor gain, maintain, and if necessary rebuild the level of trust within his or her team. Any type of change upsets the established "norm" and creates an adjustment period for those involved. As a leader, if you want to facilitate change in your area, having a vision for change is not enough. This course will give you strategies to help you implement, manage, and sustain change within your area.Intended for state supervisors in Supervisory Group 1.This course examines a number of harmful, common myths that exist in the state government workforce.

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