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These features will in turn allow us to make significant improvements in performance and memory usage, as well as making the code cleaner and easier to maintain.

In addition to this core rewrite, planned changes to the PHPExcel functionality will include switching the XML-based readers to use XMLReader rather than Simple XML; and a complete rewrite of the Calculation Engine to improve performance and provide support for array functions, for row and column references, for R1C1 references, better locale handling (particularly for date functions), and to make it more easily extensible. In honour of World Goth Day, most of the PHPExcel documentation is now online at https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel/wiki/User Documentation Looking for volunteers to help proofread and sanity test all the code snippets and recipes to be certain that they all work and are easily understandable. The source repository for PHPExcel, together with its sister projects PHPWord and PHPPower Point under the auspices of PHPOffice.

It’s a really useful formula for setting up dynamic ranges as you can vary the height and width on the result of another formula, in our example above this other formula is COUNTA which sets the height.

The OFFSET function has the following syntax: All of the inputs above can be number values (except the reference cell) or can refer to cell locations.

Refreshing the pivot table will not pull in the extra days data as the data range is still fixed.

You can update this by clicking on the Pivot Table and then choosing Options Change Data Source, but it’s an additional task to remember and if you have multiple pivot tables pulling from the same data range it is quite time consuming.

Please remember that we have been using github as our source repository for over two years now.... Please note that PHPExcel 1.7.9 will be the last release of PHPExcel in the 1.x branch.

If you want to contribute, you can fork the develop branch from github. This will allow us to take advantage of language features that are only available in 5.3, including namespaces, closures, late static binding and guaranteed access to SPL.

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source code has not been maintained here on Codeplex in all that time. This is the first part of series of changes in our development process which we believe will make it easier for us to do more frequent releases of better quality code.

THIS SOLVED: The following VBA macro may help someone else to make relative Pivot Tables' source data: (I made it as simple as possible, just cutting the filename of the source and refreshing) Public Sub Update_Pivot Tables_Source() Dim curr WS As Worksheet Dim curr PT As Pivot Table Dim str Name As String Dim str Msg As String Dim Res On Error Resume Next For Each curr WS In Application. Please, try it for one of your Pivot Tables and check if it works by copying to a new file. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.

Source Data) Res = Msg Box(str Msg, vb Yes No Cancel, "Source PT") Select Case Res Case vb Yes curr PT. After some checks I have found that the problem can be solved by simple quotation of worksheet names: And after that, erase the filename and put the simple quotation around the worksheet name.

By reader request, we’re doing it again — and this time we’re including Word too.

So: in the comments, tell us your favorite Word and Excel tricks.

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