Extreme dating tv show

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Aside from some declarations of love, and some shoulder stroking, it is as yet unclear just how much sexual contact the two men of this quartet, Tahl and Michael, engage in.

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- by chaining them together 24 hours a day across a number of days. Five other people are connected up in a line by arm and leg.

You should never be telling people how to live their private lives, tell them what kind of family should have.

And it's amazing that most people accept this but can't make the connection with poly."While the show illustrates the emotional complications and possible turmoil that result from loving more than one person, it humanizes those involved to a degree that we've never seen.

Instead of a double bed, they get a bed big enough to house all six of them.

They have a toilet and shower (and a special long chain that can be fitted when one wants to use them). It's not quite Big Brother but they're definitely there, as are the camera people who don't make any attempt to hide.

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