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He kidnaps Magid with Archie's help, and sends him to be raised with his family in Bangladesh.When Alsana discovers his actions, she resolves never to give Samad a straight answer to another question.with the following quote: "What is past is prologue"- Inscription in Washington, D. This statement sets the thematic mood for the novel, in which three different families of mixed ethnicity struggle with issues of heritage and legacy.Some characters, such as Samad, cling to the past obsessively, while others, such as Magid, attempt to reject it.

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Soon, both women realize that they know very little about their older husbands.

He decides that the only way to make sure his sons grow up to be honorable traditional men is to send them to Bangladesh.

However, a lack of funds forces him to choose only one son to send away.

In the present, Irie, Magid, and Millat attend the same elementary school.

Samad takes overzealous control of his sons' educations, demanding changes at every governer's meeting (note that the British spelling is "governer", rather than the American "governor").

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