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De facto relationships include those living in a same-sex relationship and in 2009-10 there were around 46,300 people living in a same sex couple. COHABITATION PRIOR TO REGISTERED MARRIAGE - 1990 - 2010 Cohabitation prior to registered marriage has increased over the last twenty years.In the early 1990s, just over half of all registered marriages were preceded by a period of cohabitation (56% in 1992).(Endnote 1) By 2010 it was almost eight in ten (79%).This page links to the individual state and territory registries.Information about getting married in Australia: finding the right Marriage Celebrant; providing notice of your intended marriage; fees; and the Certificate of Marriage issued to couples.

CONTENTS Article -Introduction -How many marriages? month and day of marriage in Australia -Marriage and divorce across the states and territories -International comparisons Explanatory Information -Data sources and definitions -Endnotes Source(s): ABS 2010 Marriages and Divorces, Australia (cat. 3310.0); ABS 2008 Australian Historical Population Statistics (cat. 3105.0.65.001); ABS Australian Demographic Statistics Quarterly (cat. 3101.0)Related terms Marriage, Marriage statistics, Divorce, Divorce rates, Divorce statistics, Crude divorce rate, Wedding ceremony, Relationship, De facto relationship, Cohabitation before marriage, Separation, Religious marriage ceremony, Civil marriage ceremony, Effects of divorce , Age at first marriage, Marriage trends, Divorce trends, Family Law Act, Marriage Act, Family characteristics, Children INTRODUCTION Families are the building blocks of society, facilitating generational renewal, human interaction, and linking individuals to wider society as a whole.Since 2002, the median age at first marriage for both men and women has remained relatively unchanged.There are many factors that may affect the age at which Australians first marry. -Divorce and children -Looking ahead Additional Topics -Save the date...Relationships are closely linked with wellbeing, with families playing a key role in socialising children and shaping the future of society.

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