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An Introduction to the 3 Narcissistic Subgroups and their Approaches to Relationships Below is a brief introduction to the three major subtypes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and some examples that illustrate how they might act on a first date with someone new.How they act on that date can provide useful information on how they would be in an ongoing intimate relationship, should one develop after that date.

They are so blinded by their own defenses that they assume that everyone either agrees with them or thinks that what they are saying is amusing. Then he insisted on ordering a steak dinner and red wine for me over my protests.When you say the word “Narcissist,” most people immediately picture an outgoing, extroverted person who appears supremely self-confident and immediately takes center stage in every gathering.While this is an apt brief description of the behavior of a typical Exhibitionist Narcissist who is feeling grandiose, it leaves out many other people who also have Narcissistic Disorders.Because there has been so much focus on the Exhibitionist Narcissist, many people do not realize that any other type of Narcissistic Personality Disorder exists.This means that you could be married to a non-Exhibitionist Narcissist for years without realizing it.

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