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When you save your new file and saves it in the same directory on your hard drive.

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If you didn’t save a local copy of your theme, don’t worry!Just begin typing the language and Poedit will fill it in for you. Poedit creates these extensions automatically, but here’s a lengthy list of country and language codes if you’re interested. Go through every line of human-readable text in your theme and translate it to the target language.After you’ve entered the language, open a set of parentheses and enter the name of the country. Remember, the file has already compiled everything you need to translate. Just highlight each line, one by one, and enter the translation in the box in the bottom left corner of the Poedit interface.All themes from The Theme Foundry come translation-ready.Instead of making you create a file containing the human-readable text from a particular theme, we’ve included that file with the theme itself.

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