Free 1on1 cam for iphone

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That unmanageable mess is within the reach of a click. Even a simple thing as a journey from Point A to Point B could take us away from our 24-hour plugged in lives.We have got so used to the web, that the information so readily available is taken almost for granted.I am probably wasting a few lines here but all browsers have the feature to save complete webpages. It’s a simple single click job and here’s how it’s done in three of our popular browsers. From the Format drop-down, choose the type of file that you want to save the page as.

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Alternatively, Shift-Click a link on a webpage or in your Shared Links list to quickly add it.2.

You can also try the Save Page WE Firefox extension that can save a complete web page (or just its current state) as a single HTML enhanced file. Or, do the quick keyboard thing with a press on CTRL S (and Command S in the Mac).

Google Chrome has a lineup of extensions that can give you the page for offline consumption. The Save Page WE extension isn’t any different from the browser’s default option.

There are two official Google Drive productivity extensions Save to Google is a simple bookmarking tool that saves a webpage to the cloud. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can also choose a specific folder to save them to.

And yes, as you know you can work with Google Drive offline.

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