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The addict can relax and feel safe from the dangers of getting hurt, abandoned, rejected or feeling inadequate.The sex addict feels unlovable and insecure and meets his needs for sexual abandon in a contrived, compartmentalized way.Sex addicts feel bad about their addictive behavior afterward but they continue to do it.

This is unlikely, because Johns as a group are characterized as unhappier than other men.

As described by two groups of researchers, addiction exacts an "astoundingly high financial and human toll" on individuals and society as a whole through the direct adverse effects of drugs, associated healthcare costs, long-term complications (e.g., lung cancer with smoking tobacco, liver cirrhosis with drinking alcohol, or meth mouth from intravenous methamphetamine), the functional consequences of altered neural plasticity in the brain, and the consequent loss of productivity.

Examples of drug and behavioral addictions include: alcoholism, amphetamine addiction, cocaine addiction, nicotine addiction, opiate addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction, and sexual addiction.

This implies that the man has issues that he cannot resolve, or issues he would rather escape than allow his adult self to face head-on.

The avoidance of intimacy in sexually addictive behavior Paying for sex is exactly the same as any other sexually compulsive behavior in that it is part of a pattern of intimacy avoidance.

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