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Like the other headphones announced today, there’s no pricing information available, but it sounds like they’re designed to replace the existing IE 80.

They’re supposed to be available sometime next month.

They’re more traditional neckbuds with a big black band that wraps around your neck.

The highlight here is that they’re supposed to be “affordable” — Sennheiser’s CX line seems to run from about to — but specific pricing isn’t available yet.

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It’s a pair of neckbuds, but they aren’t attached by one of those huge plastic neck straps — there’s just a cord in between the earbuds, with small plastic pieces on either side, one of which contains playback controls and a mic.There are two other nice little touches: the earbuds are magnetic and can attach to one another, so they won’t swing around while you’re not using them.Sennheiser has also put a little clip in the back, so that you can adjust the length of the cord.It’s a significant slimming down since Sennheiser’s first pair of neckbuds, the HD1 In-Ear Wireless, which tried to make a neckband stylish by wrapping it in leather.Aside from looks, details are pretty limited on the new pair for now, but we know that they’ll support Bluetooth 4.2, Apt X, and AAC.

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