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This might be to private a question for some or others might have heard about it and are willing to share.

Just curious is there anyone here that has falling pregnant during swinging and has been really worried that the child isnt their husbands/partners.

on the odd occassion we have wanted this play we have had over 20 offers..

all knowing that its totally bareback.I want filling..

can you imagine having a child growing up and realising you arent their father yet they were conceived while mum and dad were together thats a head fuck for any child to live with, how would you explain that there are also those that could use swinging to fall pregnant those that cant have children and agin this is another practice i soooo totally dont agree with haha i did find this amusing xx im sterilised so i dont have to worry about unwanted pregnancies but dont fancy any nasty wee std's i get checked regularly and try to play safe at all times but unfortunately condoms arent always 100% reliable and gets me onto another subject i think i might start a post on "You have been here over a year and been verified by cam.... I would be worried about more than getting pregnant!!!! " One of the reasons why you can't rely on verifications. x I was reading in a magazine about woman coming on sites like fab looking for bear back sex as cant get IVF very easy ....The reason why i ask this is because when my wife has sex, she loves to fell a guy cum inside her and many women feel the same and its obvisly going to happen somewhere someone falling pregnant with someone elses child.even thou my wife loves to feel a guy cuming inside her i prefare for them to wear a condom but there has been times that this hasnt been the case and after it i fell like were playing with fire.I know of 5 people at university in my halsl alone who go bareback no matter what, guys and girls. "its a tough one though because when we 1st chatted about swinging we decided that we'd both get as much out of it as possible and my misses loves to fell a guy coming with any rubber on and in the heat of the moment i also get a kick out of it but falling pregnant is a big no-no. "except the chance of Aids or chlamydia and it not picked up then passed onto a child if you intend on starting a family or even passing it on to a spouse and leaving kids without parents but thats just my view.It makes me want to get a girl with exclusive sex just to avoid the ehadache. Yes she is on the pill but some have fell prgnant on the pill so its a bit of a head mess Our posts crossed lol! My biggest worry would be if the child inherited an illness from the father, one that may not come out well into adult life.

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