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Keefer understands the pain, perks, parameters, and perfectionism of performance and how to form the bridge between physical therapy and performance training.

The length of a muscle fiber is related to the overlap of contractile proteins.Notes on Basics for Personal Trainers: NOTES AND STATS Summer 2007-07-19 THE NEUROMUSCULAR SYSTEM Skeletal muscle is 36% to 45% of total body weight; there are over 600 different muscles, and it is the most plentiful tissue in the body.Skeletal muscles can be stretched up to 150% of their resting length.She has worked for a neurosurgeon, a psychiatrist, an osteopath, a vascular surgeon, an orthopedist, and a podiatrist, giving her a head-to-toe knowledge of the human body.A former professional wrestler and dancer/actress, Dr.

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