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started in 2000 as the first large-scale exhibition in the world to gather human symbiotic robots. Dubbed "spider-bot" for its spider-like appearance, this itsy-bitsy, high-tech critter may one day chart the terrain on other planets and explore smaller bodies, such as comets, asteroids or the Moon" (JPL 2002 News Releases) NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) Mars Yard "...simulated Mars landscape for testing and evaluation of rovers and robotics technology for future Mars surface exploration", some of which genealogy, (starting with "Tooth"), may be seen during the day by the JPL .

Digital Space Founder Bruce Damer has setup the "Drive on Mars" website...Anyone can download Maestro for free from and use it to follow along with the rovers progress during the mission.You can use Maestro to view pictures from Mars in 2D and 3D and create simplified rover activity plans.During the mission, updates will be released for Maestro containing the latest images from Mars.On the Maestro website, you can download a scaled-down version of the program that NASA scientists use to operate Spirit and Opportunity.

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