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Honesty and honor are rare, even more so in cyberspace.The guy had spent a great deal of money for the meeting, which he had flown across country to do. But if it isn't you that the photo represents,ie an old photo or someone elses, then it isn't honest and honesty reflects character. I think it's rude for sure, but not entirely sure it's a game either. If someone plays games like this, be happy they didn't meet you. "Being the optimist that I am, I reply "No problem, I understand. but with the number of times this has happened recently (and over the last year), I'm starting to wonder if I missed a memo. Women, if you're not interested in someone, don't make them think you are! I think its mainly because they could be talking to several guys, possibly one they're really interested in and we sort of get pushed aside along the way at comes with the whole net thing man..... I don't even ask to meet, if they want they can ask me, call me, and you shouldnt take it personally or seriously either.It could be many things but...of it should be taken seriously I think. They are not really lying to you but they are pursing more than one option.

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