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Effectively letting Ryan prove that it hadn't been removed to Mistresses and Masters alike.

As he dressed, he pulled out the remaining items from his box: a large eight inch bright pink dildo with balls and a suction cup, a set of three metal butt plugs each with heart shaped gems in various girly colors, and finally a pair of bright pink PVC heels that he'd purchased online. They were peep toe with a large strap that came up wrapping around the ankle allowing them to be locked on.

This went on for a few weeks with him spending more money than he should have buying tokens to tip with. A matching shelf bra to leave his nipples fully exposed.

We start in August, a month before Ryan's final year of classes start. Recently, he has started visiting online cam sites, and fantasizing with the Mistresses and Masters he's found there. The humiliation and embarrassment he felt with each task he completed for them. His pink frilly g-string panties with an open front.

If you want to know how crazy they are, they take their fun up a notch when they realise there is a voyeur watching them.

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As Ryan entered her channel, he typed out quickly ,"Hello Mistress Jessica. Her face brightened, and she smiled saying, "Ah I see someone has remembered their manners. If so, take five photos of yourself in various poses. Also include the following sentence, 'I allow Mistress Jessica to share these photos where ever she sees fit.' Is that clear, toy? Her demeanor, evil smile, and the emphasis she placed on words intoxicating him.

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" she laughed and looked up at the camera as she opened the email. I think you need a wig and some make up if you really want to catch a hot stud though." To Ryan's continued displeasure, she flipped her phone towards her cam bringing it close, so all thirty or so people watching her could see the photos. But there's nothing to prevent me from posting them on my twitter, tumblr, and websites.

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