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I went upstairs to my room, stripped off my sweaty clothes, and donned my robe, heading into the bathroom for a shower. I needed to wash Vonnie's scent off, too, lest my mother smell pussy on me. She held up a finger, telling me to wait, and rolled out of bed. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..." I whispered, resting my head on the next rung of the ladder.

"Yeah, whatever," she giggled, and went past me into the kitchen, where Mom was busy cooking. I had a feeling the game was over, but I stayed at the window, watching her slowly recover. Leaning back on her hands, she shook her shoulders, causing her breasts to sway hypnotically. Instead, I felt my balls beginning to tingle, and quite soon exploded down her throat.

you just looked different than you usually do after that," she smiled. I pictured her curvaceous body, naked and displayed for me, later covered with my cum. My eyes opened to find my Aunt's eyes staring back, from extremely close range, as she kissed me. She pressed further, squashing the big globes flat. When she pulled them out, I could clearly see her juices glistening on them. Vonnie was sitting quietly, nibbling on a grilled cheese sandwich. "You'd think someone just gave you a window washer special. " I declined to comment, as I didn't want to jeopardize the rest of our afternoon together.

I thought about the incredible sensation of her pussy surrounding my cock for the first time. I couldn't resist." "Um, no, it's okay," I mumbled, clearing my head. She inched closer, leaning forward slightly until her tits touched the inside surface of the window. Stepping back, she reached between her legs, dipping two fingers in the oozing slit there. Carrying my tools and bucket, I stumbled into the house.

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Only two blocks, but I had to restrain myself from skipping like a little girl.

After breakfast, I dutifully headed for Grandma's house, to clean those windows. I made it out of sight of my house before I broke into a full run. Wrestling the ladder around to the other window wasn't easy, but I wasn't going to be denied. While not an expert on vibrators by any means, I had heard of the 'rabbit', and knew one when I saw it. Being my grandparent's house, the windows were double-hung sashes of an older style.

That was me, only it was Christmas, my birthday, and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. Sleep or no sleep, I was cocked, locked, and ready to rock. There was one more window, around the corner, and from there I'm sure I'd see the whole package. She wasn't moving it in and out much, but I thought I knew why.

A few hours ago, going the other direction, I had been a horny, reluctantly untarnished virgin. I'm by no means an expert, but it seems to me that most guys might go years before a woman offers them her ass.

Now, I was a sexually experienced man, thanks totally to my luscious aunt.

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