Friendships dating in china and cohutta still dating

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There is no inhibition on social intercourse between young men and women before marriage.

The husband controls and inherits the property of the family and the wife is subordinate to the husband, even if he is married into a woman's family. Marriages between serfs had to be approved by their manorial lords.

With all the information in hand, he consults an astrologist to check if her attributes are compatible with his.

The ceremony is held at the lady's house and should be participated by representatives of both families and the chief witnesses.

Marriages have traditionally been arranged with parents of the groom seeking a bride from the same social position.

It was generally considered taboo for a woman to reject the man selected for her. The advise of fortunetellers was sought and parents negotiated through middlemen. Until the end of the 19th century, a suitor sometimes placed an arrow on a girl's back to show that she was his.

At the end of the banquet, each guest is presented with Khatag upon leaving.” Sometimes engagements and weddings take place on the same day.

Other times the prenuptial banquet and wedding feast are two or three days apart.

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