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Pharaoh softens at times but never sufficiently to meet the demands of Moses without restrictions.

He treasures too highly the Hebrew labour for his public works. The Hebrews, forewarned by Moses, celebrate the first Pasch or Phase with their loins girt, their shoes on their feet, and staves in their hands, ready for rapid escape.

His second son, Eliezer, is named in commemoration of his successful flight from Pharaoh.

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Moses next appears in the bloom of sturdy manhood, resolute with sympathies for his degraded brethren.Diffidence at once gives way to faith and magnanimity.Moses bids adieu to Jethro (Raguel), and, with his family, starts for Egypt.A rupture is about to ensue with the two strange brothers, when, in a vision, Moses is divinely constituted "Pharaoh's God ", and is commanded to use his newly imparted powers. The episode of Aaron's rod is a prelude to the plagues.Either personally or through Aaron, sometimes after warning Pharaoh or again quite suddenly, Moses causes a series of Divine manifestations described as ten in number in which he humiliates the sun and river gods, afflicts man and beast, and displays such unwonted control over the earth and heavens that even the magicians are forced to recognize in his prodigies "the finger of God ".

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