Groupwise sent folder not updating

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However, your Group Wise administrator can customize the URL that displays when you click .It might be more in-depth training provided by Brain Storm, or it might be customized training provided by your Group Wise administrator.Just click The Group Wise Support Forum provides assistance from expert volunteer Knowledge Partners from around the world, not to mention helpful Group Wise users from around the world as well.If Group Wise isn’t working for you as documented, post your problem on the Group Wise Support Forum for free assistance.Make sure you are familiar with the contents of the Training and Tutorials feature.If you have searched the online help and the User Guide for the version of Group Wise you are using and you still cannot find the information you need, you can submit a user comment about the eliminate the Favorites Folder List and the Recently Used Folders List.

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However, the Delay Delivery feature cannot be used in conjunction with recurring items.The new owner must have full rights to the original shared folder. Ask your Group Wise administrator to enable the feature. However, there are third-party applications that can do this for you.Your Group Wise administrator might also require you to be in Caching mode in order to add accounts. See the Novell Partner Product Guide for suggestions.The font size depends on the screen resolution that you have selected for your monitor.For a Plain Text formatted message, right-click the message, then click .

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