Guilty pleasures dating

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But the worst part is it often doesn’t work—nothing crushes your self-esteem more than messaging to no reply, or being ghosted half way through a conversation. Worse than this, though, I’ve embarrassed myself in real life via Tinder more than once by accidentally matching with people I work with in one capacity or another.

This makes it a self-perpetuating cycle, where I’m dependent on Tinder for an ego boost, but mainly because Tinder isn’t giving me the ego boost I need it to.

I was very frequently punished for reading as a child because I was reading when I was supposed to be doing homework. My New York friends are so sophisticated, they said I couldn’t have a wine cellar cause I didn’t have a basement.

Anyone that knows me will be able to tell you with confidence that I am a man of many vices.

When it arrives, I cut the loaf in quarters and freeze some for later.

Poilane’s bread is dense and flavorful and it’s as good toasted with butter and jam as it is sliced for sandwiches or grilled for bruschetta. ” – her Facebook, March 2013 Jenna Lyons “Full cartons of ice cream with a tequila chaser.”’ – Kotur, November 2011 Evan Rachel Wood “Massages. I carry so much stuff around in my bag that massages are the one thing I will totally splurge on.

I’m all too proud of my love for cheese, good wifi, and irregular trash tv, but I’ve never felt a pang of guilt about these habits, per se.

As such, I thought I’d use the feature of this blog to confront an embarrassment of mine once and for all— I think the reason my friends would struggle to name this vice is that I hide it relatively well. I would never address my left-to-right swipe ratio— or more specifically—how often “someone grabbed my phone and swiped right loads of times” is actually code for “I needed a self-esteem boost so blindly swiped right myself until I ran out of matches nearby”.

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