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Not being able to fit in, Brittany will have to make a choice, whether to hold on to her old life or give in to her new one?Britney is in the lunch room sitting at the table and receives a cell phone call from her friends. Jones, Poc Fu (as Lennox Maturine), Kevin Mc Kenzie, Shaquille O' Neal and Roderick P. Hardknox Courtesy of Jive Records By Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment See more » the writing in this script is excellent, almost as good as Clueless, except for the fact that it has to keep to a predictable "Cheerleader" story line, but the dialogue between the characters is sharp, crisp and witty.However, the struggles of juggling work and motherhood took their toll on Barrymore after a while, and she opened up to suffering from the condition for approximately six months.‘Nashville’ leading lady Hayden Panettiere has revealed more about her experience with post-partum depression in a new interview this week, having announced it earlier this month in a feature with Us Weekly.The 26 year old, who has a nine-month old daughter Kaya with her fiancé, boxer Wladimir Klitschko, appeared on ‘Live!

In 2010, she had the title role in the controversial biopic 'Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy'.

In 2004, she was in 'Tiger Cruise' and 'Raising Helen' and had starring roles in 'Ice Princess' and 'Racing Stripes'.

She also starred as a cheerleader in 2006's 'Bring It On: All or Nothing' and had a supporting role in 'Shanghai Kiss'.

See full summary » The story is about Amber, a mean popular girl who gets electrocuted and dies and is not allowed to enter into heaven unless she helps the least popular girl in school become Prom Queen within a week, but things do not go as planned.

A senior cheerleader is at the peak of her high school career being the captain of the cheer squad and dating the star quarterback of the football team when unexpectedly her family is forced to endure the struggles of being relocated to a somewhat ghetto area.

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