How to handle a player dating 40 plus cam sex

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Being a player is something a man wears proudly (if secretly) because he knows he can do something which few other men are able to do: quickly attract and seduce women.

But even so, where is the incentive for a man to do this as opposed to having a relationship?

You call your BFF with great enthusiasm about the new guy you just met.

Or will he just move on to someone that will say yes to anything he ask for?The emotional distance that they endure corrodes at the heart of a ‘player’; they can only keep loneliness at bay for so long.At their core, players are really interested in forming connections with lots of people.They’re searching for an intimacy, but not with one, but with many.A profound sense of isolation sets in when a guy realizes that the next girl is just like the last one and she will also fade into the sea of past conquests…

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