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The hell with everybody else who was helping him make that money. WJ: Right before the film they decided that we would receive contracts. They were all non-union, and for a number of films and another 40 episodes, they just weren't suitable. We worked long, long hard hours on a non-union show.

I figured after two seasons we deserved to be a union show and the conversation basically went that we should all get together and talk to representation and have someone represent us for these contracts as group. So three of us ended up negotiating and three of us stayed. it was like the good the bad and the ugly, we kind of got it all. And we'll just never be paid what we should have been paid. But for what it's worth, the actors do feel like it was a worthwhile learning experience.

So luckily for me there was a guy who knew all things Power Rangers in line a couple spaces a head of me.

And he just basically was so geeked to be there, I just sat and listened to him all day talk about the show. I had assumed it was going to be just another cattle call like everything else where you go and stand in a line with 500 guys, read a couple lines and then go home and never hear anything.

When I was first auditioning I didn't know much about it.

Then I had to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I ended up sleeping out of my jeep for awhile with my dog.

We found some spots in the Arizona desert while I was bouncing at the time, just bouncing, teaching martial arts.

It was disappointing, it was frustrating, it made a lot of us angry.

[Haim Saban] just had absolutely zero conscience about making billions using our faces because it was his idea and he owned it. I don't want to put works in his mouth but he could not have cared less about making all this money, because he had this ownership.

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