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With only two outside seats remaining, Carrie sat down next to the pitcher, whose name was Brian.“Saw you at the ballfield today,” Brian said.“Congratulations on your win,” Carrie offered. To her surprise, that good time manifested itself quickly. For good measure, she hooked arms with Pablo the first baseman as well. Though she pointedly ignored Gary, the guys didn’t.

The guys were animated, funny, quick with compliments, and at least acted as if they were listening when she talked. Tracy made it almost an hour before she suggested a bathroom break. As soon as they were inside, Tracy asked, “Are you two okay if I get out of here with Marlon? One said, “What’s up.” Another sarcastically said, “Good game.” That set them all to laughing, and it continued all the way out the door.

She’d never been with two guys before, and she’d just been offered seven.“Just say the word, and we’re all yours. The thought terrified her, but she couldn’t deny that her nipples were hardening and an ache was building between her legs.

Brian said, “Love to see how many times we could make you come.”“I...

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For over 13,000 adult gay dvds, please visit Simply Adult Gay Dvd.She followed him in, and could feel the press of the other men behind her, though none was touching her.She walked to the middle of the room and turned just as the last one entered.I...” Carrie stammered as she glanced around at the hot guys surrounding her. Walking down the sidewalk in a surreal, almost out-of-body daze of arousal, Carrie was standing in front of a hotel door before she knew it.She’d always had a fantasy about being with two guys, and it had never failed to make her come hard when she masturbated to it. Brian unlocked it and entered, turning on the light.

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