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Evaluate them, and add them to your mental toolkit.If you don't like them, don't use them, and be prepared to discuss them logically without becoming [email protected] I agree with you if you are talking about "lambda" the concept; however, if we're talking about "lambda" the python keyword then: 1) named functions are faster and can do more (statements expressions) almost anywhere you would use lambdas (map filter) you can just generator expressions or list comprehensions which are more performant and concise.

": Yes, it's not the same, but I have never seen a cause where generating a group of lambda functions in a list has been required..On the other hand, if you start out thinking to yourself "Will a list comprehension work? Will what I need benifit from being a named function? Okay fine: sorted(xs, key = lambda x:, x.height)", you will probably end up using lambda the right number of times.If you'd have to define a function for all of those you'd go mad by the end of it.So, using map we would have: If you master lambdas and mapping, you will have a great power to manipulate data and in a concise way.Lambda functions are neither obscure nor take away code clarity. Once you start using them, you will find it very clear.

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