Is katy perry still dating travis mccoy

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They parted ways over a year ago, but he's clearly still coming to terms with the heartbreak, because he's channeled it all into a solo project called "I think it was inspired by that whole situation. At the end of the day, I think anyone who has been thorough some shit can relate to (the music). Having a year and a half to reflect on it, you start questioning everything…The timelines… After you have some time to start thinking about it, you start putting things together. "I heard she put out a song that's about me, or about some old habits or whatever.I have a lot more interesting things to do than hold a grudge. It was a beautiful thing to watch, from her going from this cocoon stage to being this enormous butterfly. At one of [Gym Class Heroes] first gigs in the bigger headlining tours, she had the single out “You’re So Gay” and I’d play it on repeat during the exchange over in between bands. What did you do and what were you most thankful for this year? In the past couple of years, my family and I have been through some rough patches, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to bury the hatchet. I’m starting to get old, I’m starting to get right… It was nice spending time with my nieces and nephews – it was like ‘Rugrats: The Movie.’ What’s at the top of your wish list for this holiday season? “She came offstage, and he was gone,” said the source.

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Celebuzz has learned that bombshell Katy Perry has split with Gym Class Heroes singer Travis Mc Coy, after a holiday in Mexico and a tumultuous New Year’s Eve.Reps for Perry and Mc Coy did not respond to requests for comment. If anyone recalls, before Miz Katy Perry was engaged to Russell Brand, she dated Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis Mc Coy.Mc Coy is now a solo artist with a hit song this summer, “Billionaire.” Lyrics to Perry’s song “Circle the Drain” include: “Thought I was the exception/ I could rewrite your addiction/ You could have been the greatest/ But you’d rather get wasted/ You fall asleep during foreplay/ ‘Cause the pills you take are more your forté/ I’m not sticking around to watch you go down/ Wanna be your lover/ Not your [bleep]ing mother.” Perry continues: “You think you’re so rock and roll/ But you’re really just a joke/ Had the world in the palm of your hand/ But you [bleep]ing choked.” Perry told Billboard magazine of the song in a cover story on the singer: “It’s kind of like my ‘You Oughta Know,’ Alanis Morissette moment.” Mc Coy has previously acknowledged his drug use, blogging about his stint in rehab on his blog,, in 2008.He wrote he had been addicted to pharmaceuticals since he was 15 years old.

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