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Giphy, a New York City company that also works with Whats App, offers its partners a feature for filtering inappropriate images.

Indonesia’s warning did not appear to target Gboard, a keyboard app developed by Google that provides comparable GIF search results but must be installed separately from Whats App on most devices.

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Indonesia had 69 million monthly active Facebook users as of the first quarter of 2014, ranking the country fourth globally after the United States, India and Brazil, company data showed.

Some reaction on Indonesian social media to the threatened block was sceptical.

“They have responded, but asked us to speak directly to the third party. Why do we have to be the one speaking to the third party?

They are supposed to be the ones managing it,” said Pangerapan.

Indonesia’s Internet is partly censored, with access blocked to websites providing criticism of Islam, dating services and sex education, according to research published in May by Tor Project, a nonprofit maker of Web browsing tools.Semuel Pangerapan, a director general at Indonesia’s communications and informatics ministry, said Whats App would be blocked within 48 hours unless the images supplied by third parties were taken off the service. They have to follow the rules of the host,” Pangerapan said of the proposed block.The ministry had sent three letters to Whats App over the issue, he said.Whats App was under the spotlight this past week as the Afghan and Indonesian governments considered banning the popular messaging service from their respective countries.Whats App enjoys widespread use worldwide, and gained increased popularity after promising to both implement end-to-end encryption and never compromise user privacy.

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