Jensen ackles dating daneel harris

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I can't tell you anything specific or gossipy about JA.I can say that I used to watch Supernatural as light TV fare/filler, and the two stars were just eye candy.A couple of fans watched some night filming in the end of July and reportedly both boys were very friendly and in fact Jared had to be pulled away."Oh, I didn't mean to sound cunty about Jared missing the conventions. I was being more snarky about missing the plane, ha.

They've been to the same events but don't get photographed together.Then I saw the season finale and JA blew me away with his acting. He started off in the soaps thus he got decent training from that. Even though some folks think he's aloof, he's been the one to attend Comcon and other conventions for sci-fi geeks recently while Jared, who is percieved as the more fan friendly one seems to miss his planes or have other plans.Ackles has been quietly dating Danneel Harris for a year or so.Tiene 17 años, es encantador como el infierno, con adorables pecas, hermosos ojos verdes y camina sobre sus arqueadas piernas como si fuera sexo encarnado ... Chapter 1: Samx Reader Chapter 2: Samx Reader Chapter 3: Sister!Los Weres que antes adulaban a Jared ahora siguen a Jensen y eso, según Jared, simplemente no puede ser. Reader Chapter 4: Samx Reader Chapter 5: Jared&Reader Chapter 6: Mishax Reader Chapter 7: Samx Reader Chapter 8: Castielx Reader Chapter 9: Sister!

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