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More than that, she never expected that the boy's uncle would be Chris Evans and they would hit it off so well.(Note: CA: CW comes out a year early for this fic) Sebastian Stan moves into a new apartment and meets his hot blonde neighbour for the first time and of course falls head over heels for the guy.Living with your 31 year old cousin, even just for three months is easier said than done. For four weeks they train together in Colorado Springs and then compete together in Rio de Janeiro.So what if Sebastian can't stop thinking about Chris and Chris can't stop thinking about Sebastian? Chris Hemsworth is a powerful Alpha and works as an Omega Protection officer, part of a team that deals with crimes against Omegas.She is hired to work on Infinity war movies and figures out that the cute stranger she met on the beach is Captain America himself.

Contains:-Post-Civil War activity-Minor/Major CACW Spoilers (depending on the content)-Romanogers (Can range from fluff to angst, but never smut - does not start off romantic)-Character FEELS-Stucky (Platonic/Bromance 100%), Clintasha (Platonic), Scarlet America (Platonic/Father-Daughter kind of relationship), & Clint XWanda (Platonic/Father-Daughter/Protective Relationship)Update Schedule:- Every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (if not sooner)DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters (rights go to MARVEL). While training at the Olympic Training Center, he meets Chris Evans, the (hot) latecomer to the gymnastics world.

It was like all of the stars had aligned perfectly for this one night. I do not own any of those characters nor know them, adfsjkl etc. Sure, he still wanted her, but more importantly, he needed for her to be there, to support him, hell, to acknowledge his existence would have been nice.

And yet, here he was, sitting on the couch in the background while she preoccupied herself with Mark.

Scarlett read the script, and then read it again, then read it again, and finally threw it at a wall.

She misplaced her faith in Joss to carry her character right, and she misplaced even more faith in Jeremy when she stormed in with guns blazing.

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