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Before that I’d only had a couple of partners, both whom were also on the pill.

So basically I have gone most of my adult life without having to wear a condom. Besides being a mood breaker, it was just kind of a numb feeling.

Really just a spare room with a leather recliner and some magazines.

Hey, this is Planned Parenthood after all, if you want a bunch of frills and all the extra cost associated with it then go to a hospital.

Even though I was originally ambivalent about having a child in the first place and I definitely didn’t want to have another, I still went through that cycle of doubt that every man seems to go through as they approach the date of their operation.

It was a strange feeling to mourn the loss of something that I didn’t even care about in the first place. What if my child was killed in a car accident a year after my surgery?

So trying to remember to pull out requires Herculean effort and laser beam focus at the expense of “being in the moment”.

And being in the moment is with great sex is all about.

Come to think of it, “being in the moment” is what good parenting is all about as well.

They gave me brochures and flyers to take home and I had to sign a document stating that I fully understood that this is permanent and irreversible.

The irreversible part is not entirely true but it is expensive and the success rate diminishes incrementally every year after the original vasectomy date.

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