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I am all for the two of them checking out photo's on their parents accounts and have no problem with that but I do think that this should be a supervised activity for a child and not something that they are given passwords and their own accounts for. With the friend in the US I am trying to set up a child-friendly email account so they can talk to each other.But the others are kids at school and they get to talk during the day - I just don't see any reason for this. My daughter is 8 and hasn't asked to be on it (I wouldn't let her if she did) but my sister and brother in law have now bowed to pressure from my 10 year old niece whose friends all seem to be on it.However it is very difficult to refuse these young kids (9 year olds) as I do not want to hurt feelings however I do not believe they should be on Facebook at all.It is an adults site and many people swear and use adult content on the site.She is not allowed to use the site without their knowledge and my brother in law logs on to her account every night and checks who she has been talking to.

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However his fathers step children both have a facebook (7 and 9)I did bring it up with their mum only last week (we get on really well) She allows it but she does not give the children the login info or passwrds so before they go on it she disables the chat, accpets or ignores the friend requests and deletes any unsuitable content that may of come up on their friends status's she then sits with them and they use it together.he has never mentioned it and neither have I, think if he did I would plead ignorance and say I hadn't noticed the request!!!!When it's between kids all the same age then I think facebook is OK, they are going to be talking about similar things but I don't see how it is possible to stop them becoming "friends" with adults they know - and that is before the whole paedophile debate is opened up!!!!!ive already been on a thread about this and have said my daughter has bebo msn etc and didnt go down well but thats my choice, wont go into all that, my daughter however doesnt have facebook, i wouldnt mind if she asked for it wither but she doesnt know what it is none of her firends have it theyre all on bebo, a thinbk thats more the kids version of facebook really and my daughter loves it, i also have bebo and her friends do add me and i accept because theyre her friends it is hard you know you dont want to hurt there feelings by not, and its ridiculous today that you cant even let your daughters friends add you like this obviously facebooks a bit grown up, i dont mean use are all being ridiculous i mean the world today has got so many dos and donts people cant move to do anything!!not everyone has bad intentions but people do think you can never be too careful these days so its a really tricky situation x i am also under this situation as my other halfs sister in law and family keep getting their kids on there 1 as young as 5! its bad enough i feel a bit iffy with my mum on my facebook friends list lol, My friend little boy has recently added me and i only accpeted because he wanted more friends to play games etc!

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