Limerick dating agency

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“They really inspired me because they are both so driven, but not just in one specific area.” After college Carri moved to Melbourne, where she worked as a street artist and studied graphic design.

When she returned to Ireland in 2011 she landed a job in a digital design agency, but in 2013, before the recovery kicked in, was made redundant.

Facing into another Friday night in, she once again came up with a creative solution, going on dating app Tinder in search of other women in the same boat.

“I just said ‘I’m single, I’m straight, does anyone want to go out dancing?

Lough Mask is in the middle of the three lakes, which flow into the Corrib River, through Galway, Galway Bay.

Carra flows into Lough Mask, which feeds into Lough Corrib through an underground stream that becomes the River Cong .

Her mother, a nurse, “did courses on everything from reflexology to horticulture” before graduating as a psychologist.

“I find talking to members easy because I relate to them, for example, but I find pitching to investors more difficult,” says Carri.It’s something I’m really thinking about.” Certainly, if there’s a creative solution to be found, there’s no better woman to find it. Inspire One sponsored by Ulster Bank is a series appearing monthly in print and online that tells the stories of successful Irish women and what it is that inspires them.The series is being supported by Ulster Bank, which understands the need for flexible solutions when running your own business.’ It felt a bit weird but I’m brave by nature, and the fact that I had 100 matches within 24 hours showed me I was on to something.All these other women were in the same position as me and just wanted a good night out.” She launched the business officially on International Women’s Day 2014.

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