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Printing money—either literally through the Treasury’s issuance of more currency or figuratively through the Federal Reserve’s open market purchases of government securities—would cause price inflation that distorts relative prices and makes them more volatile, reduces real incomes, undermines savings and capital accumulation, and creates political pressures for counterproductive “remedies,” such as wage and price controls.Government debt refinancing/reissuance would merely postpone the inevitable day of fiscal reckoning and burden future generations with debt obligations which they had no say in creating. In addition, compared to the standard alternatives, asset liquidation could be better tied to debt reduction so that the revenues are not diverted to other government programs; its uniqueness promotes transparency.

(D) sale of all or any part of the property of the estate, ...” section 1123(b) states: “a plan may - (4) provide for the sale of all or substantially all of the property of the estate, and distribution of the proceeds of such sale among holders of claims or interests.

The alternative to section 363 sales in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases is the sale of assets in a plan of reorganization or plan of liquidation under sections 1123(a)(5)(D) and 1141(c) of the Bankruptcy Code.

Section 1123(a), which governs the contents of a Chapter 11 plan states: “a plan shall- ...

In addition, a quick sale of the Company’s assets will preserve the going concern value of the Company and will maximize the value of its assets.

The Bank is willing to provide a debtor in possession financing facility to allow the Company to operate in Chapter 11, subject to a short sale timeline to close the sale of the Company’s assets to the buyer.

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