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The University of Memphis lives in the non-Power 5 outer ring that is the American Athletic Conference. But whatever designation you put on the Tigers’ opponent in Saturday’s Dec.

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Power of attorney basically gives someone else the right to act on your behalf; there are two types of powers of attorney.

If an individual’s health insurance is used by someone else for doctor visits, procedures, or procuring medications and devices, the ramifications can be costly and can destroy the victim’s credit. The new year often brings thoughts of change, of starting something new, something different.

The patient can also be denied coverage if caps are reached, for example. Perhaps you have grown a little jaded about what you do now and feel that tug to reinvent yourself.

With environmental issues becoming a more common consideration and saving money always in vogue, it’s a great time to be in the construction industry. With multiple multimillion-dollar projects sprouting up not only on the University of Tennessee Health Science Center campus but throughout the Memphis Medical District as a whole, one project hopes to tie them all together – UTHSC’s million security investment. David Stern of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, his interest in proposing a new pilot program to benefit those with mental health and substance use problems comes from a deeply personal as well as professional place.

Those are the sentiments of Entegrity Partners, which has benefitted from an industry shift in recent years to more sustainable buildings. Bill Haslam is considering reducing the number University of Tennessee Board of Trustees members and trimming the number of finalists presented for top leadership positions in the UT system, Lt. When his visitor was about to leave, Orlando Tubby Smith had one more story.

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