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That’s one way to know you’ve got a solid message – you could write a catchy song about it.

One of my colleagues Julia Kious Zabell sums up her message as ‘do awesome by doing good’.

That could be her refrain for her TED Talk that she could repeat again and again and again to drive her point home.

Apple’s message since it began has been some version ‘Think different’.

This is a theme I’ve been exploring over the past week.

In fact, speaking of books, think of any best selling book you can think of – fiction or non-fiction – wasn’t there a core message to it? The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People was making the point that to succeed we need to go back to a ‘principle centered approach’ vs. His take is that doing meditation with another is actually more powerful. ‘You have to do it by yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone.’ 3.

what he deemed the ‘personality ethic’ of tools and techniques we use on people. Messages of Reality: Sometimes, the message is about how things really are.

Right now it’s got something to do with a loving and enjoyment of the material, earthy world.

It’s a bit fuzzy but it could be honed down and connected to physical health and diet. Directional Messages – What You Should Do: “The best way to achieve ______ (goal) is _________ (approach).” Sometimes messages are directional. Imagine that you’re a woodworker and hate Ikea and mass produced things. The message doesn’t need to say everything, but everything you say needs to relate back to your core message. Nike’s core message for a long time has been ‘just do it’.

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