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While all the members are able to use the basic search, the full membership gives you a whole array of different options to look for a date – be it a perfect match, a keyword or some particular details that you’re keen to find.Even a basic search is good though as it gives you loads of options to choose from.We truly value the clarity and honesty Loveand Friends offers before you sign up.Everything is explained really well, organised, easy to find, which makes this site very user-friendly.

For paid members there’s also a nifty option of read receipts – because we all hate it when we don’t know whether our message has been read or not.

Even before you sign up, you get a very clear idea about who is this site for, how much it costs and what you get for that money – or indeed, what you get for no money, if you decide to go for the free membership.

Even free members can send short messages, so some means of communication is always free for members and the site owners claim they have no plans to change that policy.

With Friends, you can connect with not only local singles, but with singles from around the world.

When you're not limited by location, there's no limit to the number of exciting matches you can meet.

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