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Here is a map showing where you find all of the Uncharted Islands in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack.

Each picture on this page is clickable, allowing you to see the Isla Paradiso Island Map in full size.

Go to the Private Lots tab, select an Island, and choose Sell at the bottom.

If a lot has been converted to a Resort from Private Lot, its sell value will plummet so only convert if you'll build a good resort there as you cannot change it back to a Private Lot.

With any of these tools and others available in Build mode plus some planned imagination, these little islands could be any of your big dreams.

Talk to a clerk at the sparkling sands resort and check in to the cheapest room available for two days. You'll be sent on an opporunity chain to talk to an old Sim, the Science Faciity, collect 3 Kelp (grows underwater), and Firewalk.

Descriptions on how to unlock each, the rewards you get when finding an island are below the map.

Two can be found using the Scuba Diving skill, and I've got pictures to help you find those map parts in treasure chests. Afterward, you must get them from Sea Shell spawners.

Given the annoyance of finding them, I created a page with information on getting the last two map pieces to unlock the island.

Here is the same map from before, only with all islands revealed so you can see a full view of Island Paradise's World.

Most of these Islands are good for private homes or Resorts, while others have treasure as a reward for revealing them.

When you fill the requirements, you discover one of Isla Paradiso's Uncharted Islands, and it is instantly owned by your Sim's Household.

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