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But who knew the man was such a pro at engagement announcements?

The "You're My Star" singer recently took to Instagram to share three — yes, three!

See More: The Engagement Ring Trends to Watch Out for in 2017In the final pic of the trio of proposal photos (the more, the merrier amiright?

), the pair is seen adorably cuddled up in a restaurant booth.

Even worse, this motherfucker has the audacity to feel a way about someone getting over him. I know some would like him to be more socially conscious in his work, but I’m not sure he’s capable of that—and if he isn’t, I’d rather he make silent donations to those who are.

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How many more songs can this man make about how he had a “good girl,” went off to do his own thing (and fuck other people freely), and found himself steaming like a hot toddy because that “good girl” lost interest?In the photo, Tank is seen kissing the cheek of Foster, who's resting her hand on her man's chest — and oh-so-casually showing off her new engagement ring in the process!Tank then posted another photo of Foster which revealed a closer look at his fiancé's new bling. ) "Shine on em baby," he captioned the pic in which the ring appears to be a large and luxe princess-cut diamond with a pavé-encrusted band.More specifically, I’d love for him to be a wee bit less of a self-involved jackass who routinely bitches about chasing women away and then being bitter when they move on with their lives.That’s what folks are supposed to do, especially when they date people like Drake.

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