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The land they cultivated and on which their simple stone homes stood was granted to them by Mc Donald of Islay in return for their service as stewards of hunting or foresters.On a small island, Fraoch Eilean, located in the sound, the Mc Donalds had Clag Castle which was also used as a prison.Later, because of his blond hair and fair complexion and since there were so many Ians in the neighborhood, he used Ian Buie Mc Donald or Ian Buie which after a time became John Buie.Historical data indicates that family name Buie originated about 1475-1500 on Jura and was initially used more or less informally for a few generations.Occasionally, Lord Mc Donald would boat over from Islay to hunt the red deer which flourished on the moors and the slopes of the Paps.

"Buie" was more closely related to the pure Gaelic language.

Some historians contend that the clan Ogilvuy of the eastern Highlands originally wrote their name 'O' Gillie Buidhe'.

The constable of Eilean-Donan in 1570, was Murdoch Buidhe, considered the progenitor of the Matheson Clan.

In many instances, however, "Bowie" and "Buie were used interchangeably along with various other spellings.

In the Fifteenth Century much of the Scottish western islands called the Inner Hebrides were controlled by the Clan Donald. So powerful was the clan that the King of Scotland could not exercise authority in their lands.

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