Martin starr alison brie dating

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Alison Brie plays Lizzy Caplan's sister in Save the Date, an atypical rom-com in which one character plans her wedding (with Martin Starr) while the other rejects a marriage proposal and tries to figure out what she wants.

Like, the amount of pressure, I’m sure, when you hit 30, 35, as a woman… I probably will get married; half the time it’s a very exciting idea to me, the other half the time, it’s [like], why? As soon as you get married, you’re closer to getting divorced.** Lizzy Caplan: **I do too. They’re not asking questions about if and when I’m gonna get married, even though both of my siblings are.

That's when you get the one glimpse: See, Beth is cool! Did Save the Date feel like a Party Down/Mad Men reunion?

Was Geoffrey's wife and your Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks on set?

But then again, you get to hear what people are thinking—like, people, GQ: Obviously, you can’t get away from the fact that the themes of both your movies at Sundance are commitment, fear of commitment, fear of growing up, stuff like that.

Are you at that stage where everyone starts getting married? I have a couple friends from growing up who are married, but the vast majority of us are not.

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