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You should not mention your Online Ambassador status unless you are asked. Your role is simply to make people feel at home on the site and make light conversation via email, What you write is up to your good judgment, and you should be yourself. But, when you actually sit down and try to plan a business, you find out just how much digging you'll need to do before you actually see any gold. Even porn sites aren't the money-makers they once were. There are a few select companies out there that do employ people to work from home.

There are more details in the attached letter, which you should read carefully before signing it and faxing it to 514-393-1231. Can you fill an order every 15 minutes for 8 straight hours? You pretty much have to give a lot of content away in order to attract a few measly bucks. (((REDACTED - Read below why))) is one of them, but just like you said most (like 97- 99%) are scams.

That way the site is always in supply of fresh pretty faces sending out massive emails to lonely men who think they just got real lucky! READ: Foreign websites steal our content MATE1 IS A COMPLETE FRAUD AND SCAM I have been a member (paying member) for 8 months now, paying 49.95 x 8 months and so far I have lost a total of 0. Plus, let's not forget what happens when you actually get an order.

But I cannot even count how many hours I spent on Mate1 the last 8 months, probably some 100 hours total.

If possible, we'd like you to start May 13th for a 4 week period. Anybody who can consistently make a buck on the internet has got to be one sharp cookie! I would love to start a online business but do not hvae the money for that right now. Anytime you see an ad that says so-and-so will pay you good money to work from home, you're probably looking at a scam.

Because the positions fill up fast, please resond as soon as possible if interested. Answer something like this: I was a member of Mate 1 and they chose me to be an online ambassador (that's what that OA logo on my profile means). The saying, "You need money to make money." is so true. It could be worse I could be one of those people who just paid to get a job. Now, you can set up a home business where you sell a product or perform a service from your home.

This is how I thought it was suppose to work, Guys see my profile, send me mail. But, for god's sake, don't even think of buying something off there.

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Interactivity / Communication Options Email Instant messaging Voice recorded messaging Video chat Refund Policy All paid membership plans are on an auto-renewal payment system and refunds will not be issued for early cancellation.You can provide that information simply by replying to this email. Please specify how you would like to be paid and don't forget to include your full first and last name. Your job as Online Ambassador is as straight forward as it gets: to reply to all emails that you receive in your Mate1 inbox within 48 hours. Now what they didnt tell me was that They would send out an email addressed from me to ALL of the males and l*****n females on the site telling them that I liked their profile, That I wanted to correspond with them and to get back with me by of coarse sendind me an email. Ya see men have to pay high prices to mate 1 to be a Member. It was just a extra 100.00 a week but I guess you cant even make that on the net without people scheming and scamming. I hope so, because you sound like you might get taken by one of those too. Mate one gives them a trial and then ropes them in with the, "Online Ambassador girls" The guys think, WOW Im gonna meet this girl, This girl is interested in me and I cant lose contact with her so Id better get a membership. The funny part is, you had all the knowledge and skill necessary to see through this dating scam, but you never bothered to use any of it. If that was really the case, they could just hire local workers, right?

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